Gotham Rooftops….

Above these rooftops

Falls a pitter-patter,

For here in Gotham crime is of the matter.

A clown dressed thug, taking off in a dash.

Thinking he’ll make it,

Until there’s a CRASH!

Breaking through glass, flying at thee

Here comes the Batman, as fierce as can be.

He gives him a WHAM! A POW! And a BAM!

Afterwards, he slams his head into a van.

Down goes the crook, and lost is his loot,

Bats broke his leg, maybe even his foot.

He grabs the thug by the neck, his grip is quite a choker,

And in an angry voice he asks….


There’s This Bar…

There’s this bar I walked into, unlike any other

Filled with Aliens, of all races, species, and colors

A hairy fellow by the bar

Music playing loud and clear

AYE!  says the bartender,

Your droids, we don’t serve their kind here!!

I scurry them off, outside the cantina,

Where the Jawas already were scavenging my speeder

The rumors were right, about this wretched hive,

It’s a place for the dirty, where they’ll eat you alive.

By Joseph Greges


The Story So Far...

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